See the Lights of Hope display

The Lights of Hope display will return to St. Paul’s Hospital in November 2014. We will provide information on when you can visit the display later this year!

Lights of Hope must be seen to be fully appreciated. The display is built by volunteers using donated materials – including ten kilometers of lights!

According to BC Hydro, despite its size and scope, Lights of Hope uses very little energy. To operate the full display results in an energy bill of just $65 each night. A big part of this energy efficiency is the use of LED bulbs, which account for 60% of the lights. LED bulbs last for 4000 hours, which is twice as long as incandescent bulbs; and strings of LED bulbs use only 1 to 3 kilowatt hours of energy, while strings of incandescent bulbs use anywhere from 12 to 105 kilowatt hours.

Every year, we mark the start of the Lights of Hope campaign with a Lights of Hope Community Celebration, where thousands of people join us on Burrard Street to see the display turned on for the first time in a special event featuring fireworks, food trucks and fun for the whole family.

Relive the 2013 Lights of Hope

Watch the 2013 Lights of Hope lighting and fireworks show.

Visit our Facebook page to see images of the 2013 Lights of Hope display submitted by community members.


More photos from the 2013 Lights of Hope can be found here: