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Promise, the semi-annual magazine of St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation, provides updates and in-depth features on the innovative and world-leading care, research and teaching taking place at St. Paul’s.

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Cover Story: Disease Elimination

Dr. Julio Montaner and the BC-CfE at St. Paul’s Hospital are applying skills gained through 30 years of HIV/AIDS research to eliminate hepatitis C and other communicable diseases.

Top-tier maternity care

Women facing high-risk pregnancies receive comprehensive care from a multidisciplinary team of specialists at St. Paul’s Maternity Centre.

Stopping sepsis

A new test and treatment for severe, life-threatening sepsis is the focus of groundbreaking research at St. Paul’s.

Practice makes perfect

Life-like computerized simulation mannequins allow medical teams at St. Paul’s to practise life-saving responses to medical crises.

Regulating blood pressure

St. Paul’s Hospital’s Hypertension Clinic provides comprehensive care to patients with high blood pressure.

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